The highest commission lotto partner program...

15% (Minimum Rev-share) X £100 (Ave. Player Spend) ​x ​36 Months (Ave. Player Lifetime)

 £540/player comm.


£360/player ave. comm/year, for player life!

How It All Works

Affiliate Traffic, Giant Affiliates

Generate traffic to Giantlottos.com using your unique affiliate tracking code and we'll credit you for the referral...

Lotto Ticket, Affiliate

...whenever one of your referees buys a ticket we credit the sale to you...

Affiliate Income, money

 ...your account is then credited with up to 50% (see commission structure) of the ticket value purchased by your referrer (this will occur for as long as he/she plays our lotteries).

Bottom line?! You make money!

Here's What It's like Partnering With Us?!

Lifetime Recurring Commissions

Real passive income... Why not just do the work once and get paid for life!

Custom Creatives

Bespoke custom creatives... Need custom creatives for your Giant campaign? Let us know.

Fast Payouts

You get fast and reliable monthly payments. You can bank on it!

Weekly Offers

Every week we incentivize your already signed players to purchase more tickets, for you.

Suite of Marketing Tools

Log into your dashboard for a complete suite of marketing tools and reliable reporting.

Complete Transparency

Because we use a 3rd party tracking software all link clicks are 100% attributable to you.

 See the biggest benefit to you on our commissions page.

Our Commission Structure Is The Best

Our Vision

At Giantaffiliates.com we believe that not only should our affiliates be making loads of money, but they should be having a crazy good time doing it.

We achieved this by creating the most competitive commission structure out there. Additionally, the back-end user experience in your affiliates control panel is the envy of the market.

Competitive Commission Structure

Giantlotto's Partner Program

Up to 50% Rev-share

Other Top Teared Lotto Affiliate Programs

Up to 35% Rev-share

The Average Lotto Affiliates Programs Payout

Up to 15% Rev-share

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