​Why Partner With Giant Affiliates

Join our program because we have the best affiliate program commissions... join us because we strongly believe that affiliate marketing is the most effective marketing medium and we place great emphasis on building our brand in conjunction with mutually beneficial affiliate relationships.

The result is that we now have a robust offering and a network of affiliates who share a sustainable income stream.

Whilst Giantaffiliates.com's ethics are firmly based on sustainable relationships, communication and dedicated service, we understand that it's ultimately return on investment that makes our brand worth investing in.

Our rev-share program was structured after significant analysis of player retention ratios and average spend throughout the lottery industry. It's designed to give you the best ROI options on the market. You make money. We make money. Simple.

Maximising player spend without utilising unnecessary pressure tactics is fundamental to our Acquisition, Conversion & Retention strategies.

Key inputs we employ to ensure our aquasition, conversion & retention ratios (ACR ratios) remain high include:

  1. We incentive all registrations with freeplay bonuses.
  2. We call every new signup (where deemed appropriate) to add credibility to our services.
  3. We profile, segment and target our players according to spend/ geography/ gender etc.
  4. We ensure that reminders and incentives are used to encourage dormant players to start purchasing again.
  5. We provide opt in result reminders via sms and email.
  6. We provide player support via email & telephone 24/7.
  7. We provide our players with daily news (via Websites, Blog & Social media).
  8. We hold monthly "no purchase necessary" competitions.
  9. We provide single ticket and multi term subscription purchasing options.