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1. What is an affiliate program?
An affiliate program is an advertising program that offers monetary rewards to people/companies who drive customers to the merchant’s own website via the placement of advertising links & banners in website properties, email content, PPC campaigns, and social media pages, etc.

The affiliate is then paid commissions on the revenue generated from that referred traffic. What, how and when the affiliate gets paid is dependent on the agreement entered into with the affiliate program in question.

Affiliation = Monetization

For more on Giant Affiliates payout, please see or Commissions page.
2. How do I set up an affiliate account?
Setting up an account is easy and completely FREE.

All you need to do is apply now and fill out the form. Once our application is reviewed approved by your affiliate manager you will receive an email confirming your acceptance.

As a member of our lotto affiliate program, you will have your own tracking and reporting dashboard where you can see a choice of banners, text links and detailed statistics of traffic and sales referred by you.

Place your affiliate link - URLs, banners and text links - on your website or in pay-per-click media buys, so you can start sending customers to Giant Lottos website.
3. What does it cost to join?
Setting up an account is easy and completely FREE.

All you need to do is apply now by filling out the form. Once your application is reviewed and approved by your affiliate manager you will receive an email confirming your acceptance.

You can now start placing your links and monitising.
4. I don’t have a website, can I apply?

There are many forms of online marketing from email solo drops to social media marketing that doesn't necessarily require a website. All you need is an affiliate link and anybody who registers and converts will gain you income. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest, or your email contacts are all fair game. Your affiliate manager can guide you on how to get started.

The only medium that we DO NOT allow our service to be promoted through is spam, any other illegal or immoral channels, or any incentivised traffic sources.
5. What is my responsibility as an affiliate?
You may place as many banners/links/advertisements etc. to direct traffic to the website in the way that suits your own website/blog/profile page or social media strategies.

Affiliates that generate the most revenue are invariably the ones that are the most proactive in their approach. They ensure that they are placing the latest lottery promotion link in front of quality traffic that is hungry for international lotto products.

Our top converting affiliates utilise a combination of our latest lottery creative banners and links (which we will provide) and marry new article content on their own sites to site.

More quality engaged traffic, more money!
6. What are your commission rates?
Our rev-share model pays on a % of ticket sales on a tiered commission structure (for single, bulk or subscription orders).

Revenue share affiliate partners will receive up to 40% of their monthly ticket sales... Higher commissions are paid when first-time deposits for the month fall on a tier. Your players are yours for life!

See our Commissions page for more information.

Your players keep playing, we keep paying.
7. What should I do if a question arises about existing players that I cannot resolve?
Don't worry! Send your Giantaffiliates account details to us and we will make enquiries on your behalf. Contact your Giant Affiliates affiliate manager from within your account... All your manager's contact details are available on the home dashboard of your tracking account. We'll ensure your queries get resolved.

As an alternative, you can contact us via the contact form on this website.
8. What is’s responsibility? provides you with the creative content, links and other resources you need to make the most of our partnership.

We are the best and most proactive online lottery betting service around and will happily discuss marketing strategies to help you increase traffic and sustain your marketing share.

Most importantly it is’s job to ensure you get paid on time, every time.

To get paid, just send your affiliate manager an invoice for the total earned and they'll make sure your account is paid net 30.
9. How are sales tracked from my site?
All traffic referred contains each affiliate’s unique tracking ID using ‘Post Affiliate Pro’, which is the world’s #1 affiliate software tracking and reporting tool. This ensures all impressions, clicks and sales are tracked correctly.

Once a player has made their first purchase, they will be linked to the referring affiliate in a unique secure database to ensure lifetime commissions. As one of Giantaffiliates affiliates, you will have your own tracking control panel where you can view detailed statistics of your traffic and sales.

Even if no affiliate cookie is found; because a player might decide to purchase tickets from another computer, tablet or phone, you will still earn a commission on these sales!
10. Does my website or social media platform qualify?
As long as your website or social media platform does not fall into any one of the categories below, we will be happy to accept your application.

Your promotional methods must not be any of the following:

– Websites promoting illegal products/ services
– Websites containing offensive, hateful, crude, or oppressive content (in our own opinion).
– Websites with services/products predominantly targeted at minors (persons under the age of 18).
11. When will I be paid?
Commissions are calculated on the 1st of each month for the previous month's conversions. Payment will then be made Net 30 from the day we receive your invoice for the owed amount.

You must have earned at least £100 to receive payment otherwise payments are carried over to the following month or until a month where your commissionable balance reaches or exceeds £100.
12. How will I be paid?
When you register your account with our affiliate program you will be given a choice to be paid via Wire Transfer or through your PayPal account. By default, you will be paid via the payment method you select here.

You can request to be paid through either method at any time, however, if we do not receive your request 7 days before Net 30, you will be paid the default method you choose.
13. How does the lifetime-revenue model work?
You will receive commissions for life as long as your referred players keep playing. Our world-class call center sales team will continue to convert your players by offering them lottery ticket bundles and other discounted ticket offers. These offers are exclusive to our affiliate program.

However, even the best players have a lifetime value and will eventually get tapped out... This is why it's important to continue to fill up the top of your funnel with quality lotto traffic and prospective leads. Leave the rest to our "lottery odds experts" to convert and upsell on your behalf.

For more details please see the Terms & Conditions page.
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