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Up To 40% Rev-share

We boast one of the highest affiliate rev-share commissions in the business. Our tiered revenue model rewards higher percentages on monthly FTDs.

Tracking Platform

Your tracking account gives you access to a host of tracking options... Text links, banner links, iFrames, dynamic links, to name a few.

Call Center Conversions

Giant Affiliates has the world's leading lottery sales call center. Our "lottery odds experts" will convert your traffic for you giving you the highest return on your invested time. Welcome to the team.

Sales Funnels

Affiliates have access to all our highest converting sales funnels. We test new offers and bonuses against current controls landers. This is why we have the highest conversion rates.

Detailed Reporting

Get access to a full reporting suite right from within your tracking account. Your dashboard will to quick stats as well as highly filterable commissions reports.

Bespoke Creatives

Need custom creatives that convert? At your request, our copywriters and designers will produce custom creatives. We'll help you convert your targeted traffic.

The Highest Converting Lotto Funnels

Our high converting sales funnels are at the heart of our business...
Giant Affiliates are one of the highest converting lotto partner programs in the gaming industry. Affiliates have access to all our highest converting sales funnels. We test new offers and bonuses against our current control landers... This is why we have the highest conversion rates.

We aim to help you convert as many of your customers as possible, in return you'll earn a higher commission. We have converted thousands of dollars with our conversion funnels and now they are yours. 

We test all new funnels with our own media buys first, so you know they convert.

The Highest Converting Telesales Team

You're partnered with the world's leading lotto sales team
Giant Lottos is known as the best in the industry for its high converting telesales team. Send us your best traffic and our call center will convert your registered players for you, increasing your average order value.

Increased order value means bigger commissions... You'll get higher first-time deposit (FTD) conversions and bigger average order values. This all adds up to higher monthly commissions. 

No other lotto affiliate program offers these incredible benefits. You'll boost your affiliate earnings with no extra effort or cost.

The Highest Industry Player Lifetime Value

More lead conversions with higher lifetime values than any other lotto program
The great news is you get lifetime rewards from all your converted leads. Your earning potential never stops. We offer up to 40% revenue share on converted leads for life!

And we have the team to do it for you...

How do we keep your customers interested? Our sales team re-engages your converted customers. Armed with exclusive big bundled ticket offers - valued at up to $300 - rev-share commissions can be huge.

Get up to 40% rev-share, converted by our wolf-of-wall-street sales team, for life. 

Our Commission Options

If you have website traffic, an email subscriber list, or are a media buyer, earn massive profits through our high paying commission structures.

Revenue Share (default)

Earn a percentage of all recurring revenue generated by the customers you refer. The more first time deposits you convert in a month, the the higher your commission (up to 40%) - lifetime commissions

CPA Commission

Earn a fixed amount for every successful First Time Deposit (FTD) from the customers you refer.

Hybrid Deals

Looking for a combination of CPA and Rev-Share? Contact us to discuss.

Our Product Offer Funnels

Our sales funnels are tested with our own media buying campaigns to ensure they convert. We are contently testing new pages against controls so you always have the highest converting funnels in the  industry. 
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What Our Partners Say

  • Giant Affiliates is my favourite lottery program. Their affiliate program is a hidden gem in the iGaming industry.

    Ross Fulford

    ...this is why you guys are my primary lotto partners! Great funnels, biggest talent, and your offers are unique.

    Thanks for the new funnel guys. This is the fun part because we already know they're tested and convert.

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