​Features & Benefits

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​Highest Commissions

Giantaffiliate’s commission rates are amongst the most competitive in the market... Your referred traffic purchases can net you up to 50% commissions, for players account life. Passive income is secret for everlasting wealth!

Go and check out the competition, then come back to us and apply to join the Giantaffiliate team.

​24/7 Tracking & Control

Login to your Giantaffiliates dashboard 24/7 to track your growing empire: track reports and visual graphs of your sales, traffic, account balance and see how your campaign is performing in real-time. We provide media banners and links, and you can track each of these assets for performance with your specific audience. To see affiliate panel examplesbanners & links, reports, trend reports.

​Long Player Value

This benefit is SO important to you it’s worth repeating... Even if you move onto other things and stop referring new members, you continue to earn on every purchase from members you have already referred. Forever!

​Highest Conversion Rates

Best conversion rates for affiliates – who wouldn’t want to take a chance at winning millions, and millions?! And, you get up to 50% for every sale! With Giantaffiliate’s affiliate dashboard and our modern marketing tools, the sales process is fun and easy, too.

​Long Cookie Duration

If a customer comes from your site to ours, and then comes back to purchase six months later, you get the credit.

​Your Own Support Team

At Giantaffiliates we are working hard to create an affiliate program that is not only the envy of the market, but is also designed to ensure your success. We are here 24/5 to guide you through the process of profiting from your marketing efforts... If you have any question just contact our friendly Support Team.

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